Need New Ideas for End of Arm Tooling?

Get An EOAT Grip on What’s New!

Join us for a 90 Minute Webinar, 4 of our Key EOAT Partners in 1 Spot.

End of Arm Tooling

Our four End of Arm Tooling partners, SCHUNK, SOFT ROBOTICS, JOULIN and ONROBOT will each take 20 minutes to show you the latest in their product lineups.  You’ll get a chance to gather some great ideas and get your design creativity itch scratched, by a Gripper!

SCHUNK   Magnetic Gripper, "Adheso" Gecko Gripper

SOFT ROBOTICS   New mGrip Features and Fingers

JOULIN   Safe & Light collaborative gripper, and EASY Foam magnetic foam system

OnRobot   Plug and Produce Modular System Sander and Screwdriver attachments

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